Volunteer with Us, Not for Us

Why Tanzania ecoVolunteerism?


Everything TeV team member has learnt and the indigenous knowledge gained is from the communities making our work not as a job, but our lifestyle!

Volunteers joining us in Tanzania need to bring their enthusiasm, sense of humour, curiosity and desire to work hard, have fun and to learn a lot about a great variety of things.

TeV is looking forward to meeting you, accompanying you and volunteering with you through your fantastic weeks and months in Tanzania.

The Communities you will be working with will always appreciate a job well done and will keep you motivated and inspired. You will be able to explore the beauty of Tanzania and its people.

Tanzanian hospitality knows that ahsante sana goes a long way!

Tanzanians always recognize the value that you will provide, ‘you are our team’ and will keep you motivated and inspired!

TeV welcomes you to spend your prime time volunteering in one of the most spectacular and interesting places in Africa –The Land of Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar.

Tanzania is home to some of Africa’s most beautiful national parks and game reserves like:

The Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and The Selous.With all its natural beauty, Tanzania is enjoying a rapidly growing economy.


Our Philosophy

In Our Work, we must conscientise the community to become masters of their own destiny. Communities should be allowed to voice their own problems and be strengthened to undertake projects, which they decide on their own.

In Our Work, the human being is the focal point of our projects and that efforts are made to use local resources that are available.

In Our Work, one striking learning experience has been what is theoretically viable might not be practical in the fields.

In Our Work, we understand that community development is therefore a complex process of human evolution that empowers the community at grassroot level. Sustainability is achieved by enhanced participation of all partners in the development process. Thus, TeV and communities conceive, design, evaluate and implement all projects in partnership. TeV strives for the integral development of the communities, while respecting the cultural values of each other.


Get Involved

TeV is a life changing experience. You will enjoy volunteering with the communities, young and old. However, you must be willing to give up the notions of how life works in your country, and relax into the slow natural and easy rhythms of life, in Tanzania.

Continuity is the key to the long-term progress. In this way, each of you contributes to a sustained social development in the vital humanitarian work. This approach demonstrates our commitment to cultural sensitivity and results in a more productive, meaningful experience!

Self-sustaining features 

We believe our culture knows and understands what is appropriate for our communities. Our communities are experienced, thus we shall assist them in carrying out the objectives they deem important, than impose foreign ways.
It is all about learning knew skills, swapping ideas and sharing experiences.

While Volunteering with Us, please remember to bring your enthusiasm, sense of humour, curiosity and desire to have fun. You will learn a lot about a great variety of things.