Build • Participate •Achieve

It is an undeniable fact that we live in a world heavily laden with inequalities within nations and inequalities between nations. The ability to view the bigger picture and long-term goals of the placement are essential to the understanding of activities that may seem repetitive and a little insignificant. You will get involved in all aspects of the building projects it will depend on the stage you get involved upon arrival.

Volunteer Work Expectation

  • You will need to be willing to get involved in hard work and be very hands-on and willing to get involved in anything that is asked of you.
  • You have a love of the outdoors and not mind working in any weather.
  • Building experience is not necessary but if you have a specific skill it will be welcomed.
  • You could help making of the bricks, build septic tanks, build walking trails and board walks, lay floors, dig foundation and on painting the walls and work with the carpenters on putting parlins and laying of the roofs amongst other tasks.