TeV’s mission is to advance the dignity of children around rural Tanzania by supporting innovative community-based organizations working with vulnerable children. The needs of children though in many ways universal, are best responded to in ways that fit the particular situation on the ground.

TeV’s education initiatives focuses on students with disabilities. Disability is not about pity or charity, it is a rights issue.

Perceptions, Disparities and Stereotypes

Disabled persons have not faired better in terms of access to education and employment. They have lower education and income levels – if any – than the rest of the population and are less likely to have savings and other assets than the non-disabled population. The reality is that disabled people are often excluded from education and employment, immobilized by inadequate transportation systems and architectural barriers, maintained in substandard living conditions, and denied the benefits of long term healthcare.

Your placement will be in:

  • Working with students and teachers in the School for the blind in Pongwe, Tanga.
  • Working with blind, partially blind students and Albino students on their English conversation, leadership and any assistance that the school administrators would need pending on the school year calendar.
  • Building maintenance which may involve painting, rebuilding a new wing and much more.

Tanzanian Teacher Training

  • Primary school teachers in the rural areas have very little training and very little exposure to English language and innovative ways of engaging students through pedagogical practices. An opportunity we are looking to explore is to provide a platform for teacher education on pedagogy, environmental awareness and various education praxis.